Conversations with an Atheist…

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I need your help.

Yes, you!

Before I explain, let me give you a brief backstory…

I was on social media the other day, and came across a conversation between a few self-proclaimed atheists, and a person who professed to be a Christian.

The conversation took a turn for the worse when the ‘Christian’ claimed that without Christ there is no love. I cringed as he went on to tell the other individual that he was incapable of loving, even his own child, apart from Christ. He went as far as to claim that this man would surely never die for anyone, not even his son.

I am not usually one to get into debates with people who do not seem to be ‘open’ to exploring matters of faith, but I felt led to interject. I commented, “This saddens me. Of course, you love your son. We are all made in God’s image, with the capacity to love.”

The man agreed that it was very sad, but then went on say that Jesus was a myth. I responded that Jesus was most certainly not a myth, and that most atheists would agree. He asked if I had any evidence, and I suggested the book, “The Case for Christ”. This man said that he was not willing to read the book, but would listen if I wished to share any evidence of the existence of God.

Wow, do you see how quickly that escalated? How are we, as Christians, to respond to such a demand for evidence?

My human instinct tells me that this is a waste of time – that the man is not really investigating the faith, only looking to shoot down whatever I have to say, but I sensed God reminding me of His words…

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

1 Peter 3:15  (NIV)

I asked this man if he was honestly interested in reading a different perspective, and he said that he was.

In my own strength, this task is impossible, but I choose to believe that in Christ all things are possible and no one is beyond God’s redeeming power.

This is where you come in…

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Would you please pray for a miracle in this man’s life – that his heart would be softened to the things of God, and that the Holy Spirit would transform his life in a mighty way.

Also, if you have any suggestions about sources to point him to, or for me to look at, please share in the comments below.

Would you consider sharing this need with others and encouraging them to pray? Let us raise up a mighty prayer covering over these conversations of faith – this is a spiritual battle friends, and the need is great!

The man’s name is Jeffrey. The fact that Jeffrey strongly opposes the very existence of God does not worry our heavenly Father, nor does it lessen the fullness of His affection for this man.

Will you join me in praying for this man’s salvation?

May God richly bless you for your willingness to invest in one man’s eternity,




15 thoughts on “Conversations with an Atheist…

  1. There is a lot of evidence for Jesus. You should check out Christian Apologists Mike Licona and Tim McGrew. They are two of my favorites. They specialize in the historicity of the gospels. While there is plenty evidence for Jesus and the bible what this man needs is a personal relationship with Jesus. Evidence is great but it can easily persuade a person either way depending on how they view it. I would encourage Jeffrey to ask Jesus to reveal himself.

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    • Welcome Sarah,

      I completely agree that knowledge is not what Jeffrey needs, but rather an encounter with God himself. Since I am not convinced I could persuade him to ask Jesus to reveal himself, I have been praying this on his behalf. I would covet your prayers for this specific request.


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    • Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend. Our prayers are powerful and effective – if we really understood how much so, I’m convinced we would pray an awful lot more!

      Much love,


  2. Kamea, this seems more like God-incidence than any random co-incidence. Thank you for sharing your online-divine encounter and the thoughts and desires it engendered. Yes, I’m joining you in prayer! And if any resources come to mind then I’ll let you know. Sadly, it’s been a long time since I’ve conversed with a self-professed atheist and I so admire your courage and commitment to make contact here. God loves Jeffrey and who knows what plans He will bring to pass through your faithfulness! Praying for you too as you step out in deeper faith. May you be given all the compassion, understanding and wisdom you need. Love your heart! 🙂 x

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    • Sweet Joy,

      I agree 100% that God’s hand is in this situation. I have experienced a miracle of sorts, I know I’ve told a couple of people, not sure if you were one of them. But I have been filled with a deep ache in my heart for this man’s eternity – I have wept for a complete stranger, and interceded before the Father on his behalf. I know this love doesn’t come from myself, it is the Father’s heart, beating in me.

      Please continue to pray. I will update soon,

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  3. Man, it’s hard to break any kind of spiritual ground with someone on line, as they can’t see your faith being lived in real time… but we serve a God who pays no attention to boundaries like that, amen?! I will commit to praying that there would be some good soil for the seed you get to plant… that your taking the time to be honest and engage with him will speak volumes about the kind of Savior you live for! And I would pass along the book “Jesus> Religion by Jefferson Bethke… he strips down who Jesus is and reveals why people want to believe in the Christ, even when they say they don’t… good read, might help! Hugs and prayers…. bravo for taking this on!

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    • That’s the thing about faith, isn’t it. It has to be experienced to be truly understood. But like you said, God is not limited by less than ideal situations. I feel a confirmation in my spirit when I read your comment here about the good soil – as I have been praying that very prayer myself. Thanks for the recommendation as well.

      Blessings and hugs,

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  4. Stopped by from #tellhisstory- I love this. I think all of us- our hearts- really want to know that God is not a myth. This sweet man’s heart is moving. I love the reference to 1st Peter. Excellent.

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    • Welcome,

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. This call to prayer is beyond my usual scope of blog topics, but felt strongly led to ask for prayer and engage in conversation with Jeffrey. I hope you will stop by again, and see my heart for encouraging those who have been hurt to persevere in the journey toward healing!

      Blessings sweet one,


  5. I am certainly praying for God to bring abundant wisdom liberally as you speak. I think it is fascinating that as Christians, because we know the final answer to all things is the original answer to all things, does not allow us the right or the privilege to supercede others will. Even God doesn’t do that. Christ is and always will be our model when talking to believers and unbelievers. The beauty is that even those who chose not to believe, admired the way Christ spoke.

    Andrew Kern, author of a fantastic writing curriculum, has a series of lectures to go with that curriculum that actually teach how to logically discuss the hard topics. He suggested something I have tried to follow, start where we agree and then go from there. Even if we don’t agree, we can respect the value that each person is a thinking being and has the potential to reason. The Art of Rhetoric is learning to reason and persuade others ( Aristotle), but I think it goes further than this. It is the art of leading others to see Truth, Goodness and Beauty. We can’t do that if we are always slamming them in the gut with our rhetoric that they have yet to accept.

    Praying for you as you follow Him. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this information, Dawn. I love the idea of finding something that you can agree on, and then moving forward in love from that place. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the need to shine Truth, Goodness and Beauty into the lives of those around us – after all, it is His kindness that leads us to repentance, and we are called to follow His example.

      Blessings and hugs,


  6. Kamea, I too had to read your words. Why? My oldest son, Matt, since losing his little brother 7 years ago says that there is no God, as what loving God would take a 20 year old?

    God told me in prayer to PRAISE HIM for Matt’s salvation, not to beg Him. To BLESS Matt, not berate him. To LOVE him, not lose him.

    I too am digging through these resources for myself.

    Here’s part of my comfort. The verse below says God is love, so the logic is that if you know love, you know God. Simple way to open a conversation, i.e., his son. He knows love, so technically, he knows how God feels about him as that is how he feels about his own son. It starts the mind working…I pray this is helpful. Now, I gotta scroll back up for those books…

    1 John 4:8 NIV
    Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

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    • Sweet Susan,

      I love how God instructed you to Praise Him for Matt’s salvation, instead of begging Him – absolutely beautiful! I am continuing to pray for Jeffrey, and as the Lord brings Matt to mind, I will pray for him as well. Thank you for the suggestion – I agree that finding common ground in this way would be a great starting place.

      Praying for you and your dear Matt,

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